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The quote above is from the classic children’s book, The Little Prince. Or as I read it, Le Petit Prince. I read this book over and over in high school French class. I struggled with it, not because of the French language, but because I felt so lonely for the little blonde prince, standing on his planet, so carefully tending his rose, out in the middle of space.  Reading a children’s book as a teenager is challenging.  To my newly educated logical brain, the story didn’t make a lot of sense, and the parts that did made me quite sad.  Still, I carried it with me everywhere and I read it again and again, the little blonde prince becoming my faithful friend.

In class, we discussed the lessons of the book (again, in French) and I remember how the Little Prince enjoyed his planet, with his rose, as his favorite, and he flew in his airplane to other planets – I recall the one with the large businessman whose sole interest was in making money and how the Prince longed to go home to his friend the single red rose, protected from the ravages of outer space under its fragile glass cloche.

Then today, I saw this quote from the book. It hit me just how profound Le Petit Prince is, and why I kept reading it over and over, trying to grasp its wisdom. To this day, I haven’t read it in English, preferring to re-read it en français. The quote alone is precious. I do recommend reading the book, in your preferred language, as it has been translated into over 300! Do you remember the story? Do you know the incredible humanitarian the author was? Let me know on FB!

Nature’s Sports Drink https://happyspiritwellness.com/natures-sports-drink/ Mon, 07 Aug 2017 19:52:23 +0000 https://happyspiritwellness.com/?p=1491

In the hot, hazy days of August, we can easily get overheated – especially if you’re one of my Pitta fire sisters!

This ayurvedic recipe is low on sugar – some sports drinks are loaded – and high on taste, refreshment, and healing. I have a tendency towards low blood sugar, and during my initial yoga teacher training in early summer in the high desert heat of California, I started feeling lightheaded and faint. The ayurvedic chef whipped up this little number and I was restored and back to myself in no time.

Not to mention, it’s super simple.

To  your bottle of filtered water, add:

Juice of half a lemon or lime, depending on preference or if you just want to mix it up.1/8 tsp salt, a little more if it’s a sweltering, 98% humidity day and you perspire a lot.

1/8 tsp salt, a little more if it’s a sweltering, 98% humidity day and you perspire a lot.

A few slices (2-4) of fresh ginger root. This is for flavor, immunity and to quell any nausea. I eat it, but I imagine most people don’t.

1-2 teaspoon(s) of raw turbinado sugar; Succanat; maple syrup or honey.

Mix it all together, and drink.

Refreshing and delicious!

August Skies https://happyspiritwellness.com/august-skies/ Mon, 07 Aug 2017 19:33:20 +0000 https://happyspiritwellness.com/?p=1485 Photo Credit: Benjamin Child


The summer month named for Augustus Caesar will truly live up to its name with all the incredible celestial activity in store. Tonight, August 7, is the full moon, known as the Sturgeon Moon by Native Americans due to it being a beneficial time to catch the ancestral species of fish. Some species swim upriver from the sea to spawn while others live in freshwater their entire lives. Sturgeon, mostly endangered now, date back to the time of the dinosaurs and were an important source of food for Native Americans, hence honoring them with tonight’s full moon. It is also a lunar eclipse, so get out and take a look!

In addition, on August 11 – 13, the Perseids annual show will be at their peak, and there’s been a lot of hype about this year it being the best in many years. Astronomers like to debate this, but if you’ve never seen it, I highly recommend finding an expanse of dark skies and seeing for yourself. I like spreading a blanket on the ground and looking up, for the full effect. For more info on how and when, click here.

But wait! That’s not all! On Monday the 21st, we have a near total solar eclipse if you live in North America, sweeping from the Pacific Northwest across and down to the South East. It’s the first time for this particular phenomenon since 1918. A unique opportunity to see the moon pass in front of the sun in the middle of the day. Here’s the anticipated path and where to see it: https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2016/preparing-for-the-august-2017-total-solar-eclipse

As you know, I always recommend empaths to get outside into nature. Fresh air is good for everyone, but it especially soothes our particularly sensitive nervous system. Connecting to the heavens, where we can witness that we are both a child of the universe yet such a tiny part of the larger whole, soothes our spirit and our soul. I urge you to make a cup of tea, grab a blanket and a friend, and take advantage of this month’s heavenly theater. I’ll be camping out under a dark starry sky, thinking of you all!

love, Devi

A New Angel https://happyspiritwellness.com/a-new-angel/ Thu, 03 Aug 2017 22:55:38 +0000 https://happyspiritwellness.com/?p=1471
Jennifer Bennett Hamilton
September 20, 1972 – May 12, 2017

This beautiful spirit is with us in a more powerful way. My cousin Jennifer was a firm believer that empaths would heal our world. Still. How do we go about accepting the loss of a dear one?

How do we accept the transitions in life that cut us to our core and leave us breathless?

Most of us know that change is the only thing we can truly count on. From the sun rising and setting each day, transitioning from light to dark to light again, to the seasons coming and going every few months, babies being born, children growing and people growing older and eventually dying, change is constant. We know this universal truth in our heart of hearts.

Still, some changes touch us deeply, rendering us senseless and catching us by surprise, even when we have prepared ourselves for the worst. Jen’s death did that to our family. Even though we knew her cancer was terminal, the shock of hearing her doctors say “there’s nothing more we can do for you” was devastating.

Whether they be young or old, a person who has impacted your life, has penetrated your emotions, imprinted your energy field and left footprints on your heart. Even if expected, and ultimately welcomed as a relief from their extreme pain and suffering, even when the dying have fully accepted their fate and are in peace, the dying process and its aftermath can be both exeedingly beautiful and terribly brutal.

For empaths, these transitions and the turmoil leading up to them can be extremely challenging. Family members who suppress their discomfort may unwittingly dump their unfelt emotions on empaths, multiplying their pain.

For those connected to the spiritual sense of themselves, those who acknowledge the truth as a light-filled spirit living a human experience, we understand that death is not an end and that the spirit is eternal.

Nevertheless, the human part of us grieves.

Day becomes the darkest of nights, summer becomes the starkest of winters, without breath, without life. Although intellectually, we know death is a natural part of the cycle of life, loss hits us. Hard.

Know there are tools that can help.

Grief gives us a rare opportunity to peer into our dark crevices, our deepest hurts and to emerge a more compassionate, more understanding human.  While we will be forever changed, there are tools to relieve our pain. The paradox is, that while you must be even more committed to your self-care, you may not feel like doing anything at all, so it’s crucial to be compassionate and patient with yourself.  Do not expect to feel a certain way, to be able to find “closure,” or to have moved on within a certain amount of time. There are so many common myths about grief!

Here’s a bit of what I’ve learned as an empath and a yoga therapist on how to relate to loss. How will you get through this exceedingly challenging time? Rather than trying to “get over” your grief, trust that you will change your relationship to it.

Let the emotions come

Let the emotions come when they will – and yes, sometimes this will be when you are face to face with the cashier at the grocery store or the bank, or  dropping the kids off at camp, when seeing a beautiful flower that was your loved one’s favorite, or when cooking their favorite meal. These are STUGs – sudden, temporary upsurges of grief. There’s no need to fear them. Most emotions – if we allow them to – move through our bodies in about 90 seconds. So let them move through you. Alternatively, it’s possible you may just feel numb. You may feel unmotivated, sad, depressed or angry. You may feel all of these at once.

Recognize that there is no timeline.

Grief is a completely natural process. Elephants, chimpanzees, gorillas and other animals feel it too. It’s a completely different process for everyone. Don’t push yourself to feel better when you’re not. Just feel.

Give yourself permission to feel your uncomfortable feelings. “Staying strong” is one of the worst myths about grief in our culture. It’s cockamamy malarkey, trapping our feelings inside our bodies. Eventually, they must come out – usually at the most inopportune times – try stuffing a beach ball underwater. You can only do it for so long, then it explodes with an energy you didn’t realize that little ball could possibly have. I find that watching really sad movies by myself unleashes my tears so they can just flow. Do you recall Pope Francis’ beautiful quote about crying? “Certain realities of life are only seen with eyes which have been cleansed by tears.”  Being mindful and present with your feelings will help unburden you from them.

Certain realities of life are only seen with eyes which have been cleansed by tears. – Pope Francis


When you’re ready to observe your feelings, set aside some quiet time each morning to sit with yourself and note your feelings and experiences. Start with five minutes. You are going to have thoughts. Rather than pushing them aside, welcome them like an invited guest. Create a safe container for yourself to feel whatever you’re feeling without trying to change it. I like to say to myself, “isn’t that interesting?!” This nonjudgemental approach can help move you through and past any stagnant or unpleasant thoughts or feelings. You may have heard the yogic statement, the only way out is through. It’s true!

Remember the Love

One thing that has helped me tremendously is to remember what I loved about my loved one, and to let that love fill the empty space in my heart. I also try to be grateful for the precious gift of time shared with them, acknowledging the special relationship we shared. Over the past two and a half years, I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to take care of Jen and her children as she heroically walked her journey with metastatic breast cancer. Jen was officially my cousin-in-law, but she was very much my soul sister. Spending the better part of four days a week with this inspired, courageous empath, I am a more open and wise teacher, a healthier empath and a more compassionate human being. I know a hell of lot more about cancer and how modern-day treatments affect the human body. When she learned she was Stage 4, I shared what my teacher, Antonio Sausys taught me: “Spirit can’t have cancer.” Jen took this maxim to heart and let her spirit guide her along her path to love her kids, her husband, family and her friends each and everyday. I felt the sheer strength of her spirit when she was in so much physical pain that she couldn’t get out of bed and she moaned in discomfort. Even so, she made sure she came downstairs every morning to make her kids breakfast – chocolate chip pancakes for her daughter – and to see them off to school. She then went back to bed and reached out by phone to let people know she loved them. From her bed, she coached her friend who’s sobriety had lapsed and was struggling. Her spirit was so strong!

The lessons of love that we are all here on earth hoping to learn were unfolding right in front of me – to let others know they are loved, to help those who cannot help themselves, to lift another’s spirits, and to acknowledge and listen to another human with respect. Her last words to me were “thank you for letting me be part of your family.” I watched as she thanked every person who came to the house to visit in her last days, her smile radiating unbridled warmth and her heart spilling over with gratitude. Her earth schooling complete, this enlightened being is now reunited with her soul family.

Jennifer Bennett Hamilton left her physical body on May 12. Those of us who loved her, are better for knowing her, and we look forward to seeing her again. Embrace the memories, tell your story and most of all, love those around you. Let nature and laughter be part of what heals you. You will become whole again. Trust that this natural process called grief will wake you up even more, quietly unfolding toward growth and renewal.

A Few More Tips

Move gently and often: Taking a mini-break for yourself is a really good idea, to release the emotions from your body. It needn’t be a vigorous, hour-long yoga class or a week-long retreat, just a few simple moves. Antonio, my teacher I mentioned above, taught me Yoga for Grief Relief, and I’m here to help whenever you are ready. His is an easy practice integrated into your day to help you heal. A few deliberate movements every morning will send the message to your nervous system that you’re safe, you’re alive and ready to face your day.

Drink a warm beverage: Giving yourself something warm and cozy to comfort you is absolutely ok. Simple peppermint or chamomile are soothing. Or you could make a nourishing ayurvedic milk using rice or almond milk, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and dates.

There is so much more to write about grief – navigate this change patiently.

Let me know if you need help with your grief.
It’s not something I write about often, as I endeavor to keep our newsletters positive, being mindful of empath energy exchanges.
I wanted you to know why I hadn’t written in a while, and to let you know I’m still here, ready to serve.

Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.
Peace, Peace, Peace.
Love, Devi

REFLECT, RENEW, & RECHARGE @ THE POWER OF YOU, 9/8 – 10 https://happyspiritwellness.com/explore-the-power-of-you/ Mon, 24 Jul 2017 20:41:15 +0000 https://happyspiritwellness.com/?p=1464

The Power of You
Point Sebago Weekend
Register Here!
September 8-10 2017

I’m so thrilled to participate in a beautiful weekend of healing, inspiration and empowerment! I hope you can come up to Maine in early September so I’m able to meet you in person. We’ll ask and receive answers to powerful questions like How powerful are you? How do you discover your soul’s plan and purpose? How do you live to your divine potential? How do you create the life you crave? This weekend, release what no longer serves you, clarify your purpose and discover your worth and calling. You’ve heard it said: the most important teacher is the one within. Yet, many of us go through life missing our most important partner – ourselves!!

Let us help YOU find YOU!

The gorgeous grounds of Point Sebago set the mood for this life changing weekend. Enjoy the beauty of the beach, take a walk and enjoy nature.

Enjoy the beauty of the beach, take a walk and enjoy nature.

Power of You Weekend Activities:

Vision Board Workshop
Morning Yoga Meditations
Mind Body Spirit Festival Admission
Two a la carte workshops
Group Psychic Reading
Sunset Meditation Cruise
Yoga Nidra
Group Closing Meditation
(additional half hour workshops will be open to all thoughout the day)

Arrival 3 p.m.
Meet and Greet 5 p.m. Sebago Lounge
8 p.m. Vision Boards in Sebago Lounge
Description: How do you get what you want in life? You have to know what you want first and VISUALIZE it! Set your intention for the weekend. Help manifest your dreams by creating the blueprint of what your best life looks like.
Closing meditation by Sue.

Sunrise Yoga 7:30-8 a.m.
Breakfast 7-9
10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Mind Body Spirit Festival
Workshops Begin – Pick 2

10 a.m. Akashic Records
11 a.m. Past Lives
1 p.m. Make your Empathy your Greatest Asset
2 p.m. Spiritual Table Tipping
2 p.m. Master Chakras
3 p.m. Learn to Dowse
3 -4:30 p.m. Making it So
4 p.m. Mandela
5 p.m. Guided Meditation Sunset Cruise or Yoga Nidra

Private Sessions offered Saturday 9-5 ($75 for 50 min)
Ayuvedic Lifestyle Coaching
Inspired Empath Lifestyle Coaching

8 p.m. Group Psychic Medium Reading
The Sebago Room Bar will be open with music for those who want to dance or socialize.

Sunrise Yoga/Meditation 7:15 – 8 a.m.
Sunrise Group Hike  6:45-7:45 a.m.
Breakfast 7 a.m. – 9 a.m.
Closing Meditation 10 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
11 a.m. Checkout

Lodging Package includes Friday and Saturday nights and Five Meals 
Friday – dinner

Friday – dinner; Saturday – breakfast, lunch and dinner; and 
Sunday – breakfast

Total Cost including lodging, meals and activities: $299
A fantastic deal for a jam packed, healing weekend to unleash the Power of You!

I sincerely hope you will join us!!

Register Today!

How Much Sugar is Too Much? https://happyspiritwellness.com/how-much-sugar-is-too-much/ Sat, 29 Apr 2017 00:21:12 +0000 https://happyspiritwellness.com/?p=1442

Since there is little to no data regarding empath health, I believe that, due to our sensitivity, anything remotely considered to be a toxin must be examined closely.

Sugar is addictive for 20% of the population and is a causal factor in four diseases – diabetes II, heart disease, fatty liver disease and tooth decay.

Might empaths be in the 20%, making us more prone to these health problems? Quite possibly. We don’t have the science on that, but we’ve all been here – you feel bad, so you reach for some chocolate. Or some ice cream. Or some homemade brownies. Next thing you know, your sugar intake has tripled, you have a headache, a bellyache AND you feel guilty. Blech. So, get off the guilt train and watch this TEDx video, which shows that it may not be our fault, as there is so much hidden sugar in our food supply.

Dr. Robert Lustig demonstrates that behavior is secondary to biochemistry (one day, I predict we’ll find this out about empaths too!!) I fought the sugar industry in 1996 in a super-costly, super-charged statewide campaign to Save the Everglades. Now we need to battle them again to fight for our health. Join me by learning to eat a lot less sugar a day, eating real food based on your individual body/mind type.

Can’t commit yet? Replace soda with water.
You’ll be amazed at the change in your health!

Living in Harmony: How to Use Ayurveda Daily https://happyspiritwellness.com/livinginharmony/ Wed, 12 Apr 2017 16:00:02 +0000 https://happyspiritwellness.com/?p=1429 fleurs-californie-mars2017

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Discover Ayurveda – the art of living in harmony with the laws of nature and how it can help you create optimal health! This ancient natural system helps you maintain good health and live your life in a beautiful, accessible, mind, body, spirit balance.
Ayurveda helps you understand why you do the things you do, why you like certain foods, or hate the cold and crave warmth. Register now to learn the best self-care tools for your psychobiological makeup. You will learn a simple health care regimen for you to practice every day. Workshop price includes $20 worth of organic personal care products.
Learn more about yourself as we uncover your unique dosha (natural state). Using that wisdom, learn which yoga practices, foods, and lifestyle choices are best suited for you and you alone.
This is a really fun workshop, with delicious snacks and recipes.
It always sells out!
Max is 14 people, so register early!

Saturday, May 6 2017
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Rye, NH

$55 cash/check in advance; $60 credit card online; $69 at door
(price includes $20+ worth of personal care products to take home with you!)
Location provided after registration.

You can register here:

What Would You Like?

Winter Wonderland Weekend Jan 20-22 https://happyspiritwellness.com/winter-wonderland-weekend-jan-20-22/ Sat, 31 Dec 2016 02:19:33 +0000 https://happyspiritwellness.com/?p=1358 main-st-north-conway-village-150x150village_winter-150x150

Join me in the beautiful village of North Conway in the White Mountains of New Hampshire!

Come north on January 20 – 22 to recharge and rejuvenate.

A skier’s paradise, North Conway has delighted visitors for over a hundred years with its delicious food, stellar brews, scenic views, snow, covered bridges, outdoor activities and a sweet yoga studio where I’ll teach class. Still working out the weekend schedule, but will include: welcome dinner, continental breakfast (homemade muffins, fruit, coffee/tea and juice), ayurvedic snacks, winter hike or snowshoeing, evening or late afternoon yoga nidra, self-care tips, nature journaling and yoga classes. Set aside some time for yourself, bring a good book, your favorite blanket and nestle in by the fire.

Rest & Renew in Nature
Tuition and board is $100 per person for the weekend.
Includes 3 yoga sessions, meditation, program content, 2 healthy breakfasts, Friday welcome dinner, Saturday lunch and snacks.

Pick your room in the rustic yet modern condo near the base of Mount Cranmore.
Room rates are per person for two nights.
Note that some shared rooms have one large bed.
Want to add a third night? Just another $50!
*Private rooms sell out quickly, so please let me know if that is your wish!

Shared room, hall bath – two twin beds: $175. Total program, $275!
Shared room, hall bath, large queen: $175. Price with tuition, $275!
Shared room, private bath w/jacuzzi tub, shared king: $250 per guest. Full price $350 for weekend.

Private Loft, downstairs hall bath: $225 (spiral staircase to loft) Sold!
Private room, hall bath, large queen: $350.
Private room, private bath w/jacuzzi tub, king: $425.
Add program cost to get weekend total.

Book Now. This relaxing weekend will sell out!

Room Preference

Cultivating Acceptance https://happyspiritwellness.com/cultivating-acceptance/ Wed, 14 Dec 2016 17:51:26 +0000 https://happyspiritwellness.com/?p=1340 To foster contentment, we must accept what is. It’s been a month since the U.S. Presidential election. I for one, am happy it’s all over. This election cycle has been grueling, and as empaths we have felt every blow, every distasteful comment, every lie and every accusation slung between the candidates and at times, directed at innocent people.

And yet, the unrest continues. Protests in every major city revealed the split among our peoples. No matter how difficult, we must accept the election results and move on. We must embrace our democracy and respect the outcome of a free, fair and democratic election while simultaneously speaking out for truth, tolerance, equality for all people regardless of faith, ethnicity, or sex. Especially for empaths, resisting is a waste of your precious energy!

In trying times, we can rely on our spiritual practice: we must have faith in the midst of uncertainty. 19th century philosopher and social critic

Soren Kirerkegaard so aptly reminds us, “Faith sees best in the dark.”

While the collective energies of anger, dismay and fear swirl about, empaths are keenly attuned to these feelings. Right now, you might be overwhelmed or anxious about our uncertain future. It’s okay.

Even if we can’t see it now, there is a perfect order to these events.

Don’t lose your head or heart over this election. Instead, commit to take extra special care of yourselves over the next several weeks: eat healthy, get enough sleep, meditate, exercise and be kind and serve others. There will be plenty of time to rattle cages in 2017. You need to build strength first, cultivate contentment under all circumstances, and act not out of anger, but of love. More on that later…

In the meantime, use this simple mudra to cultivate contentment under any circumstances, especially in the midst of challenges: Chaturmukham Mudra, Gesture of Four Faces. You can even rest your wrists on your thighs while placing the tips of each finger together, forming a bowl. Extend both thumbs upright and relax your shoulders. Repeat the mantra “I am complete serenity and contentment.” Keeping the mantra simple and present, so it resonates with you, is key. This hand gesture supports treatment of depression, and helps you connect to optimism and a positive attitude. Practice for a few minutes everyday. 

Enjoy the holidays and stay present. The media would tell us that we let politics trump our personal relationships a long time ago. Let’s prove them wrong.

Let it Go, Let it Go, Let it Go! https://happyspiritwellness.com/let-it-go-let-it-go-let-it-go/ Wed, 14 Dec 2016 16:32:31 +0000 https://happyspiritwellness.com/?p=1336 photoOh the weather outside is frightful, the fire is so delightful, as we’ve no place to go, Let it Go! Let it Go! Let it Go!

It’s with us on a daily basis, an unavoidable fact of life.It’s magnified during the height of the holiday season, with all the travel, traffic, inclement weather and the relatives we haven’t seen in years who know just the right buttons to push to get us to react like a defensive teenager. 

This pressure causes wear and tear on the body, so it’s especially important to take care of yourself right now to manage the effects of stress. Becoming aware of how you react and letting stress out of your body several times a day is critical. Take a lesson from your pet – ever notice how many times they stretch each day? And how they let out sounds while doing it? Don’t be shy.

* Get up, play your favorite song and shake that booty for a few minutes!
* Sing your favorite holiday tune, loud and clear.
* Be grateful for everyone in your life, and show them. Mistletoe is great for this….
* Change your perspective – imagine yourself floating up up & away, looking down at your problems on earth. Looks pretty small now, eh?
* Ask for help. Delegate. You don’t have to do it all yourself.
* While shopping for gifts, put yourself at the top of the list. Include a gift of body work (massage), coaching, yoga, tai chi, meditation or dance classes in your own stocking this year.
* It’s so easy to download a lovely meditative mp3 and tune in on your phone. Just don’t listen while driving. 😉